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Restoring vs. Remodeling: Finding the Best Fit for Your Home

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Finding the Best Solution

Deciding whether to restore your home to its original glory or remodel it into a modern masterpiece is a significant choice that homeowners face. 

As the owner of Fortune Homes, LLC, I’ve guided many through this decision-making process, weighing the historical significance of a property against modern-day functionality and personal style preferences. 

In this detailed exploration, we will dive deeper into what each process entails, discuss their benefits, and examine situations where one might be more suitable than the other.

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What Does It Mean to Restore or Remodel?

Restoration of a home is all about accuracy to the original design and intent. This process involves researching, preserving, and reviving the authentic aspects of the home’s era. It’s not just about aesthetics but also about using materials and techniques that were originally used in the home. Restoration is particularly common in homes that are designated as historic properties or are located in historic districts.

Remodeling, conversely, is centered around customization and modernization. This might involve updating the design and functionality of a home to suit current lifestyles, which could mean changing the floor plan, incorporating new technologies, or using modern materials that are more durable and efficient.

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The Benefits of Restoring a Home

Restoring a home carries a romantic allure, particularly for those who cherish historical architecture and stories embedded in old walls. Here’s why restoration might be your path:

Preservation of history: Restoring a home helps preserve a piece of architectural history, which can be important in maintaining the cultural heritage of a neighborhood or region. This process respects the original craftsmanship, which often includes unique details that are not found in modern buildings.

Financial incentives: Many states offer tax incentives, grants, or lower interest loans to support the preservation of historic properties. These financial aids can make restoration a more viable option financially.

Increased property value: Authentically restored homes in historic districts often attract a premium on the market due to their uniqueness and historical integrity.

Sustainability: Restoration can be environmentally sustainable as it focuses on preserving existing materials, thereby reducing waste and the consumption of new resources.

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The Advantages of Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling adapts your home to fit contemporary needs, providing comfort, efficiency, and possibly even luxury. Here are several reasons why remodeling might be the right choice:

Modern comforts: Updating your home with modern systems and technologies can increase comfort, from climate control systems to modern kitchens and smart home technologies.

Energy efficiency: New materials and appliances offer better energy efficiency, which is not only good for the planet but also reduces household expenses in the long run.

Tailored to your lifestyle: Remodeling allows you to customize your space to better suit your personal or family needs, whether that’s by creating an open floor plan, adding a home office, or expanding your living space.

Boost home value: Modern and well-executed remodels can significantly boost the market value of a home, making it more attractive to a broad spectrum of buyers.

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Deciding Between Restoration and Remodeling

When to Restore:

  • Your home has historical significance and you have a passion for preservation.
  • You reside in a historic district where alterations are restricted and original aesthetics are prized.
  • You’re motivated by potential tax benefits and grants available for restoration projects.

When to Remodel:

  • Your home’s layout does not conform to modern living standards, and you need more space or functionality.
  • You are looking to incorporate sustainable technologies and modern efficiencies that go beyond what restoration can offer.
  • The original features of the home are not particularly valuable or distinctive, allowing more freedom to alter.

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Wrapping it Up

At Fortune Homes, LLC, we respect both the past and the present, understanding that every home and homeowner is unique. 

Whether you choose to restore your home to its historical form or remodel it for a new era, our expertise will guide you through each step, ensuring the outcome not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

Remember, the choice between restoring and remodeling should align with your lifestyle, personal values, and the long-term vision you have for your property.

If you’re contemplating a significant change to your home and need expert guidance, reach out to us at Fortune Homes, LLC. Let’s create a space that truly feels like home, whether it’s rooted in history or set for the future.

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I hired Fortune Homes for a restoration project after water damage. They did a fantastic job replacing my tile and wood flooring, drywall, paint. Their workmanship is stellar. Crew was professional, clean, timely, and honest. Will hire them again!
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Fortune Homes has been a long-time trusted friend and business associate to One Source Cabinets. We have successfully completed dozens of remodel projects over the years. Scott’s customers will tell you that he is an extremely knowledgeable regarding all facets of construction, and his finished projects are always outstanding! We highly recommend Fortune Homes for any of your remodeling needs.
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This team is the best of the best. They completed our basement exactly on schedule, worked with us with open communication, demonstrated reliability, and they were professional the entire time. We cannot recommend Fortune Homes more.


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Our master bathroom turned out better than we could have imagined. Everyone in Scott’s employment was professional, friendly, and trustworthy. The quote he provided initially did not change on the final invoice. We have and will continue recommending them to anyone looking for a home improvement contractor.

-Chase D.
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